Sauerkraut is a traditional Ukrainian dish. It has been eaten, is being and will continue to be eaten. We are confident: the quality depends directly on the raw materials, and therefore we produce the salad exclusively from the best heads of cabbage and delicious carrots.

Many people know that sauerkraut contains more useful vitamins and elements than fresh cabbage. Especially during the cold seasons, when the immune system is weakening.

Crisp, juicy, this is exactly the dish that “it is not a shame to put on the table, and if eaten – no pity”.


white cabbage, carrots, vinegar, spices.

Nutritional value per 100 g/g of the product:

proteins – 1.52 g,

fats – 6.99 g,

carbohydrates – 5.97 g.

Energy value:

374.38 kJ (89.42 kcal).