Ukrainian produser of salads and natural beverages


“VESTO” is a Ukrainian company with 17 years of experience in the plant food production. In our wide range you will find vegetables and seaweed salads, pickles, sauerkraut and natural beverages. Thanks to innovative technology, modern equipment and our professionals, we produce exceptional and quality products!


Regardless of the season, vegetables are vital for the diet. No organism can function normally without the portion of the greens. We know: sometimes, eating fresh vegetables can be boring, so, we are glad that we can prepare a familiar product in a new way. By adding balanced spices, marinades or other vegetables, we cook salads, which will differentiate the daily ration.
For a long time, we are loved by the customers for our quality and tastes solutions, so, we do our best to justify the trust!
For us, cooking is an art and we fully support it.


The wide assortment of production from the company “VSESTO” allows any, even the most inveterate gourmand, to find the perfect salad. Whether it is seaweed, carrot, tomatoes, cucumbers or the healthiest wood ear mushroom – we will prepare in our own, best way!


All ingredients for our salads are subjected to the strictest quality control. Many local farmers grow vegetables for us, which means we know exactly what comes into our production.
We believe: qualitative product must be available to the customers for a sustainable price.
We do not hide any components of our products. We are happy to can call ourselves as an open kitchen, which follows all sanitary standards and brings our production process to the highest level!


Wood ear mushroom

Salad “Wood ear mushroom” is a delicious dish of mushrooms boiled and cut into pieces. To which is added garlic, a mixture of spices, seasoned with oil. Wood ear mushroom are delicious and aromatic. They also have a smooth, delicate and very crunchy texture!

Korean carrot

Juicy sweet carrots and oriental spices come together in this salad. The taste of an orange vegetable is complemented by notes of spice and light pungency.
This salad is suitable for both adults and children!


Han-Ho salad is a pride of the company. The mix of seaweed, crispy carrots and celery is widely known among Ukrainian buyers. During the 17 years of existence on the market, many have had time to fall in love with our salad and put it on the table not only in everyday life, but also on holidays.


Each stage of the production process is worked out in detail and represents a constant manufacture chain.
Modern equipment, qualified team, selected raw materials and competent cookery are our personal keys to success!

Pickled cucumbers

Pickles pickled

BIO Sauerkraut

BIO Sauerkraut



Korean carrots

Wood ear mushroom with garlic

Marinated tomatoes (red)

Marinated tomatoes (Red)

18 years of experience

Strict selection of raw materials

Automated production

Individual approach to each client

High level of customer service

Certified products according to DSTU ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2007